Poem about the death of my daughter


Sarah Elizabeth Rivera
10/24/88 – 8/4/2015

B.G. Bradley


Update on Sarah

The involuntary commitment fell through the cracks. The woman in charge of IC’s for the state didn’t get back to me before Sarah’s five day emergency hold was over. So she went back out on the streets. She is now at Swedish Medical Center. Wednesday night she got so drunk that an ambulance took her to the critical care unit. They had to intubate her again.
I’m on my way to visit her with my sister in law. Poor little thing. Somehow she fractured her nose… so she has a broken jaw, ribs and nose. I’ve got written statements from family and friends expressing their concerns about Sarah. I will have to pursue an IC again next time she goes to detox.
I’m not looking forward to facing my daughter in front of a judge, trying to have her committed, but it is my only option to save her life. I pray it works this time. I love Sarah with all of my heart and can’t sit by and watch her die. There have been three close calls and I don’t want a fourth. Here’s a pic of how beautiful she is and another in the bad shape she was in last week. I want to see  her normal and happy again.