Excerpt from “Without Remorse”

Mason Hudson is in San Lamas, a prison for the criminally insane. He is afflicted with DID and one alter is Hunter Cook, a serial killer. Mason is meeting with Dr. Dean Weston for therapy….

Mason was in Dr. Weston’s office for some more head shrinking.
“Grab your art project and we’ll get started Hudson.
Mason reached up on the shelf and retrieved his so called mask. He hated talking to the Doc; he was too good at what he did.
“How you feeling today Hudson?”
“Pretty good. I finally got commissary privileges yesterday and bought much needed items.”
“I see you have new clothes on, how does that make you feel?”
“Fucking human, Doc.”
Mason got his box of newspaper strips and the doctor had already mixed the flour and water.
“Now, you want to make the back of the mask smooth and then you can start building the face.”
“Is this really the fuck necessary?”
“You seemed more relaxed in the last session and I think that’s due to keeping your hands busy…just humor me Hudson .”
Mason slathered on the flour mix, front and back and laid it on the balloon. It didn’t look like much of anything, but he kept at it.
“I think we’ll start where we left off last time. You mentioned ‘Big Bob’.”
Mason virtually stiffened. He usually had steady hands but they were trembling.
He threw the paper mache balloon at the wall.
“I cannot go there Weston!”
It just bounced off and the doctor told him to pick it up and continue.  Mason did as he was told, with his eyes downcast throughout.
“OK, we both know who ‘Big Bob’ is and you need to talk about it. It is the only way to recovery, no matter how painful.
“I hate that mother fucker!!”
“How old were you when the sexual abuse started?”
“I guess four or five; I remember wearing my Batman pajamas.”
“You have excellent recall Hudson; it is unusual to remember things at such a young age.”
“Well…it’s something I will never forget!”
“So, you had on your Batman pajamas and what happened?”
Dr. Weston was afraid for the first time in all of his years of practice. When Mason raised his head he looked directly into the doctor’s eyes. Once again the inner struggle presented itself. His corneas swelled and retracted. This went on for a few short seconds but scared Dean Weston; he wasn’t sure who would win the battle.

“Well doctor…’Big Bob’ was our pet name for his cock.”
Mason’s voice turned into a sultry woman’s. He looked completely different in a very feminine way. He crossed his legs like a woman and pulled up the pant legs. He was sexily swinging his leg from the knee down, pointing his toes. He straightened his shoulders and pushed out his chest.
Dr. Weston found himself talking to another alter.
“What’s your name ma’am?”
“Vanessa darling, and ma’am makes me feel very old.”
“How old are you?”
“You should know better than to ask a lady her age.” She winked at him.
“How long have you been with Mason?”
“Who’s Mason,” she said completely baffled.
Dr. Weston checked his notes thoroughly before asking his next question.
“Did you know Leonard Hudson?”
“Oh yes…he was such a handsome man and his wife knew nothing of our sexual encounters.”
Vanessa leaned forward adjusted her breasts and was in truth flirting with Dr. Weston.
“What did you do with ‘Big Bob’, Vanessa?”
“Oh! What a personal question. A lady should never kiss and tell.”
“I’m a medical doctor, trained in these matters and it’s OK if you tell me a little bit… I would also like to take your blood pressure and pulse, if you don’t mind.”
Dr. Weston got his BP cuff and the reading was 135 over 86 and her pulse was 85.
“A doctor huh? You most likely have heard it all before ….well, I gave him oral sex and then he would always sodomize me.”
Weston couldn’t hide his shock and disgust, it showed in his face.
“Oh, I’ve gone and said too much doctor, I apologize.”
Suddenly Vanessa’s head slumped and when it was raised Mason had returned to normal.

“So…I was wearing my Batman pajamas and do I really have to say Weston?”
“Before we move on I would like to take your pulse and blood pressure.”
“Go for it Doc.”
Within less than a minute the readings were very different. His BP was 120 over 72 and his pulse rate was 70 beats per minute.
Dr. Weston had read that alters could have entirely different readings and he just found this to be true. He was now 100% sure of the DID diagnosis. 

Too be continued ……..