Excerpt- “The Evil Within” Book two of “PoIisoned Soul” series Coming soon…..

Mason put in a movie and grabbed the bottle of schnapps. His nerves were raw and he needed something to dull the pain. He drank more of the bottle than intended and soon he was fast asleep.
Mason was six. His mom was healed and looked like herself again. His little brother Morgan was back and he was two years old. The six year old did not like how Morgan got all of the attention. His incessant crying permeated the dream. Mason hated the sound. He covered his ears but he could still hear the unending screeching through his tightened fingers.
Mason was enraged and floated in to the living room where the aquarium stood. ‘So pretty’, Morgan would say in his babies voice. His mom laughed loud ans squeezed the little boy. ‘So pretty’, Mason wanted to squeeze his neck, but good mother was always hovering over good baby.
The wailing was coming from the crib upstairs so Mason knew he had time.
He got the small green metal fish net, scooped up one ‘pretty’ fish and dropped it on the floor. It flopped and struggled, its tiny fish mouth opening and closing for air. Mason knelt down in amazement and watched the fish die. He felt free and wonderful! He repeated the process; in an out of body experience, until every fish lay dead on the rug.
Mason’s chubby fingers grabbed an ink pen and began poking out their eyes. It squished and the sound echhoed off the walls, back into his enraptured ears. For a few glorious moments, he could hear only the soupy sound, instead of the fussing of his little brother.
Then in his dream state, Mason was in the dark backyard, digging up the long dead kitty. He had built a mound of dirt and he had to be getting close. The iron shovel struck something hard and he knew he had his prize.
It no longer stunkk the cat was just loose furry bones. You could see the cracks in its skull where the wooden stool had its fun. He gathered the cadaver and secreted it away in a urine soaked pillow case.
The dream had landed him in his room where he removed the fur laden bones, laid it on his pillow and carefully snuggled his head into the hairy mass. He inhaled death and tasted revenge.

Mason woke up. Feeling satisfied. This was a dream he could deal with. He remembered the dead cat and had kept it until his horrified mother discovered it under his bed. She immediately through it in the trash truck. Eleanor knew her young boy had serious mental problems but never spoke a word about them and kept the information a deep dark secret.