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I’m offering my first book free in order to gain exposure. If you have spare time… It’s a good read.
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B.G. Bradley

Last Days For FREE eBook!! Expires 8/5/14

“Within These Walls”….Prequel to “The Evil Within”.
Series “Poisoned Soul”.

Great easy reading! Characters you’ll love to love and hate.

“Within These Walls” FREE until 8/5/14

Go to buy….follow instructions and enter Coupon Code DW78W at the end.

“The Evil Within”….
Sequel. 62,000 words and writing. Will be published in August ’14

Third novel of series to come out in 2015!

Excellent story line with many sub plots. It will keep you guessing and entertained.

Give it a try and….
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What’s Up

Hi:) I’m writing to promote my first novel. “Within These Walls”. It’s a 75,000 word work that is exciting, suspenseful and addicting.
Its easy reading yet full of great characters that will make you laugh and cry.
I haven’t sold many because marketing SUCKS!
It is well worth your time to download it for FREE!
Only until July 25th

I’ve been hard at work on the sequel. “The Evil Within”
It is even more addicting and a good read!
Mason Hudson is one of the main characters in the book. He is mentally deranged from childhood. He relives his sick upbringing through his adult nightmares.
The whole story has a great plot and many sub plots. It keeps you interested throughout!
So far I’ve written 52,000 words of the second novel. It’s hard work but a kick in the ass!
The series is called,”Poisoned Soul”.
The third book is notes on paper and still mostly in my mind. It promises to be the best one yet.
I don’t know how many readers have attempted novels, but they are a thrill of a lifetime to write!
Its hard not to have them read.
I really hope you will take the time to give my novel a try….after all….it’s FREE!
If you choose to do so the Promo Code is DW78W. You apply it at the end of purchasing the book and it will be FREE!
I’ve also published a Childrens Book, “Peanuts”
It is aimed at adults as well. My grand children have me read it over and over to the point of memorization. Lol
Its a cute book with eye catching pictures. It teaches shapes and colors and ends with a good moral.
It’s also Free right now and worth your time to check it out. I promise!
Enough of trying to give my hard work away FREE. You might ask why free? I need the reviews of satisfied readers:)
You won’t be disappointed with either of my works….here’s how you get them:

“Within These Walls”


Thanks for your time, this was a long post:)

Happy Reading!