Outer Atmosphere


The Denver Zoo

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I went to the zoo today. It was a beautiful day in Denver! The sky was baby blue with spots of clouds. You could see the Rocky Mountains, with snow still on high peaks. There was a slight cool breeze and it was a great day to be alive 🙂
I went with my, now, sixth month pregnant daughter and my son in law. It was quite a walk for her.
I took about fifty pictures, with my phone and liked the ones in the collage…go to your local zoo and help support the animals ! 🙂

B.G. Bradley


The excitement builds before the show
Appearance anticipated, let’s go
Here comes Ellen with applause galore
Crowd won’t quiet, stoked for what’s in store

Must say Ellen is such a sexy dude
Whoops, she’s a she, I’m extremely rude
Ellen dresses with such casual care
Not a strand out of place, her perfect hair

Ellen completely involves her crowd
The silly shenanigans make them loud
She dances to the music everywhere
Famous for moves, she heads to her chair

She straddles the table with practiced skill
For her advanced age and without a pill
She moves on to a famous, brilliant guest
Her uncommon talent, brings out their best

Music for show chosen eloquently
Ellen and staff almost always agree
The gifts she gives, the audience adore
Generosity leaves them wanting more

Cute that her mom’s at every taping
Even stays awake and keeps from gaping
Ellen is actually my favorite host
Please forgive me, this little roast

If you’re in the mood for a superb time
Tune to Ellen at three, on channel
You won’t be disappointed, far from it
It’s worldwide known, Ellen’s the “shit”!