Struck By Lightning


I was flagging for road construction thirty years ago. I was dressed in jeans, shirt, boots and hard hat. I’d been flagging for four years in every kind of weather. It was a warm, overcast day but not stormy. I was standing with my stop/slow sign and holding the wooden pole. My index finger was touching the metal sign for control. There was no thunder or even a dark cloud in the sky. All of a sudden I heard the deafening crack of a huge bolt of lightning about twenty feet from me. It was the circumference of an old oak tree, huge. A small bolt of electricity, horizontally travelled to my finger anchored on the metal and struck me.
I was deaf, partially blinded by the light and in shock. The operator of a large ‘blade’ (dirt moving equipment) came running to see if I was all right. He steered me to the gigantic tractor to help me climb in. I bumped my head hard as I was disoriented. I leaned out and threw up. He drove me back to the ‘yard’ (where all the equipment was kept) and I got out.
We were working on I-25 and Arapahoe  road in Denver , Co.
We commuted from Greeley, Co everyday. I don’t remember the ride home and my brain was foggy for a few days. My balance was off and I couldn’t think.
The lightening left a burn mark on my finger and exited out of my big toe.
I’ll never forget this experience and am now terrified of lightening. If I even hear thunder…I’m inside.
I am also fascinated by lightning and its pure power. When you hear warnings about this phenomena take heed. It can strike out if the blue!!

B.G. Bradley