Excerpt from “The Evil Within”…will be published in August 2014

Melanie got pregnant accidently. She was on birth control. Mason didn’t want children and is secretly furious. This is their 1st visit to the obstetrician’s office:

Mason and Melanie sat in Dr. Jacobs waiting room. She had to fill out a stack of paperwork with every type of question imaginable. With her emotions high, nerves mixed with excitement, the nurse called her name at last.
Melanie was shocked that Mason had come along, more so that he said, he would be there for her every step of the pregnancy. She was grateful but worried about him. She had not said anything…he looked like death warmed over, as if he had not slept in days. Melanie needed to address her concerns but not until after the appointment
They led her into an exam room, asked her to get undressed and slip into one of those backless gowns that left your rear end cold.
The room was a small box with a sink, a chair, scarce equipment and the paper covered exam table. It was well lit and smelled of antiseptics. Mason sat on the chair and she scooted on to the crunching paper, tearing and creasing it.
First the ultrasound technician was going to examine her, then the doctor would come in to give her a pelvic and a consultation. Mason had never gone with his former wife to any of her doctor appointments when she was pregnant years ago, and felt no guilt about it. This was all new to him and he was uncomfortable.
After taking her temperature, blood pressure, height and weight measurements, the nurse asked her to lay back and relax.
She pulled up the gown and squirted on warmed gel for the sonogram. She used the transducer over her abdomen to capture a three dimensional image of the fetus. The tech applied some pressure to the instrument, moved it around on her belly until she found what she was looking for on the monitor. The first ultrasound was used to check the viability of the pregnancy, confirm the heartbeat and measure the crown-rump length for gestational age.
“There’s the baby,” said the tech pointing to the screen. The image was black and white, hard to discern, but it was hooked up to audio and you could hear the quick heartbeat. She continued with the sonogram taking measurements while Mel and Mason were speechless.
They stared, listened, then Melanie started to cry. Mason squeezed her hand, “It’s amazing!” he whispered, “It’s just incredible!” Melanie found her voice and told Mason she loved him.
He said, “You too.”
Just then the exam room door opened and Dr. Jacobs let himself in. “Hi, I’m Herbert Jacobs, and you are…(he looked at the chart), Melanie. It’s very nice to meet you and you must be Mr. Hudson?”
“Yes I am, it’s good to meet you too, Doc.”
“Hi Dr. Jacobs,” Melanie was smiling from ear to ear.
The doctor was middle-aged man, good looking in a Kevin Costner kind of way, friendly face, and the beginnings of baldness. He had a fit body hiding under his white mid thigh smock, was wearing a blue patterned tie, dress shirt, beige Docker slacks and blue running shoes. Mason approved of his wardrobe choice…much like his own.
“Well you are definitely going to be having a little one, congratulations! Would you kindly slide down and put your feet in the stirrups?”
Wow, Mason thought, he certainly wasted no time. Melanie situated herself and the doc started the pelvic exam, he was a professional. Mason was caught off guard; the circumstance he found himself in was embarrassing. He turned his head and tried to look anywhere except for at what was happening.
“With the sonogram results and this exam, I would say you are seven weeks pregnant, that gives us a due date of July 22nd.”
“Wow,” Mel was flabbergasted.
“We need to get you started on prenatal vitamins and I recommend you read,’Great Expectations: Your All-in-One Resource for Pregnancy and Childbirth’, since this is your first child. It’s a good book. Do either of you have any specific questions for me?”
“Thousands, but I can’t think of one right now,” Melanie laughed.
“Feel free to call our office anytime and set up your next appointment on the way out. It was a pleasure meeting you both.”
Melanie walked out happily with the ultrasound picture in her hand.