Excerpt from “The Evil Within”

He was on Colfax and Elizabeth street and there she stood. She was obviously a hooker, all alone, on the corner of the parking lot at a retail complex. He rolled up on her, she inconspicuously slid into the passenger seat and he continued to drive.
“How much,” is all he asked.
“Depends on what you’re looking for,” she answered.
“First of all I want to use handcuffs, you go for that?”
“Figures my first trick of the night and you have to be kinky.”
A whore with an objectionable attitude he thought wryly.
“You aren’t that special bitch, I can always let you out.”
“No, no…I just got in a fight with my man that’s all.”
“Well, are we going to let that interfere with our fun,” asked Hunter?
“Let’s get down to business; handcuffs are all right…what else do you want?”
For the first time since she climbed in the car, he turned to look at her. She was uncommonly pretty, young, had long straight auburn hair, inquisitive green eyes, straight nose, cheekbones most women praised, a full pouting mouth, long slender neck, (which caused Hunter pause), long lean legs exposed by a mini skirt and huge silicone breasts in a push up bra. Overall she was quite striking…but fake he thought.
“First we have to find a place to park where we won’t get busted.”
“I know the perfect place,” she said.
This surprised Hunter, he decided it made his job a lot easier. She directed him to a small park. The lot was well hidden by trees and bushes, even though they were bare due to the winter months. There were no other vehicles, it seemed ideal and the clock was slowly ticking. Hunter reached in back into the gym bag. He grabbed the half empty bottle of peppermint schnapps. He offered the girl a drink and took a long pull for himself; it burned lusciously all the way down.
“You need a little liquid courage?” she asked teasingly.
“If only you knew,” he answered, “I’m ready for the handcuffs.”
“You’re not one for much conversation, are you? Sometimes that’s all my customers want.”
“I’m a man of few words, I believe actions speak louder.” he gave her that one of a kind crooked smile.
For the first time she realized how handsome he really was and wondered about his story. He reached back again, got in the bag, pulled out the handcuffs and she willingly offered him her wrists.
He couldn’t keep his eyes off her long, lean neck. As he fitted the cuffs he leaned close to her, caught the scent of fresh bath soap, lotion and her sweet perfume. Hunter was getting excited; his heart rate reflecting his eagerness.
The young girl asked him what he wanted next.
He said, “Fellatio.”
She giggled, “What?”
He explained, clearly exactly what he wanted. She scooted over in the seat, trying to situate herself, hindered by the restraints. He was unzipped and she bent her head down. Hunter was only turned on by what was in store for this tramp. She deserved what was coming; he was convinced all women did.

Hunter took another snort of the schnapps, put it down and grabbed the length of nylon rope. His heart was hammering in his chest as he jerked her head back by her long silky hair, wrapped the rope around her beautiful neck and started to apply pressure. She gasped in shock, started struggling in earnest, she was much stronger than she looked. He fought to hold onto the rope and let go of the auburn locks to use both hands. She was able to choke out a faint scream and continued to kick and twist. Hunter almost lost his precarious grip, regained control and tightened the noose.
After what seemed like an eternity she finally fell silent, her muscles slackened, she stared out of vacant eyes, saliva running down her chin and her head slumped into his lap. The little bitch caused him to grapple to such an extent that he failed to have an orgasm.
Hunter was beyond rage! He couldn’t wait to cut her, take his memento and possess the second digit in his new collection. He first had to drive to the dumping ground.


Excerpt ‘The Evil Within’ Book 2, series “Poisoned Soul” Coming soon…

Excerpt- “The Evil Within”
Chapter 2

Mason got in his expensive car and headed for downtown. He would have to cruise around to pick just the right victim. Whores usually hung out in pairs but sometimes you could catch one on her own. He enjoyed driving and he had the Hotel California CD playing loud, it kept him calm.
He finally spotted a nasty slut with long blonde straight hair, brown eyes; brown skin…dressed in a short red mini skirt, sequined tank top and six inch heels. The hate rose up in him like bile in his throat. She appeared to be alone and there werevery few cars or people on the streets. This was it. He was intoxicated with the thrill of the hunt.
Mason carefully looked around for witnesses, there were none. She was standing on the corner in front of a drug store. He crept up to a halt, rolled down the power window and he had her attention.
She smiled prettily and came closer to his car. He asked how much, she told him $100, so he waved her in. Upon closer inspection, he noticed she was Hispanic, about 5’7″ tall and had a 36-26-36 figure. She was gorgeous. She was lean limbed, had petite hands, no nylons, high heels and wore a St. Christopher medal on a silver chain.
“Hello, I’m Tiffany,” she said in a breathy voice, “this is some nice car you have.” She smacked her gum and went on, “Aren’t you the man that got Melinda off the streets?”
“Yes I am but you can never get enough pussy.”
She had a throaty laugh, “That’s funny. Did you know Ice was looking for you?”
“Ice?” like he didn’t know.
“Yah, he’s pretty pissed off that you took Melinda. He either wants her back or he wants paid.”
Now it was Mason’s turn to laugh.
“Oh yah, and where do I find this Ice person?”
“He’s standing right over there by the drugstore entrance.”
Mason sensed trouble but other men no longer intimidated him, after being in prison.
“Well, let’s get this over with,” he said to Tiffany, “I sure as hell aint hiding from him.”
They climbed out of the car, approached a black man, 5’10”-185, and built like a bull. He had short faded hair, spiked on top, a goatee, protruding eyes and a thin lipped scowl. He looked sleazy yet threatening; had a lot of gold, diamonds, chains and tattoos. Mason knew the type; he dealt with one or two of them when he was locked up.
As they got closer Mason saw that this ‘Ice’ had huge hands, a thick neck and appeared to be powerful. Hudson was no whimp but he had second thoughts. It was too late; Ice stepped out from his hiding spot and thundered over to Mason.
“Hey little man,” spit out Ice.
“I’ll show you your fucking ‘little man’,” countered Mason.
“We’ve got some business to do,” bullied Ice.
“And just what might that be?” asked Mason sarcastically, “seems to me you lost out and I’ve already won.”
Ice stepped right into Mason’s face and bellowed, “You don’t just saunter in to my territory and steal one of my stable. I fucking want the used up bitch back or some cold hard cash in her place.”
“And what makes you think you’ll get either ‘Ice’?” Mason said it like it left a bad taste in his mouth.
“Because I’ll smash your fucking head in if you don’t!”
“You fucking threatening me? The last guy that did that ended up in the infirmary.” Mason wanted to let this pimp know that he was an ex-con and his threats were not going to faze him.
“You have that slut Melinda, what are you doing with Tiffany here?” he changed the subject and his tough guy attitude.
“It’s none of your God damned business ‘Ice’.”
“My ladies are my business. Just keep that filthy slut; she was no good to me anyway.”
“So we have an understanding,” Mason said flatly.
“The only thing I understand is if you mess with anymore of my whores, I WILL smash your fucking head in, you bastard!”
” Come on Tiffany…I’m done here,” said Mason.
They headed back to the Maserati and got in. “Wow! I’ve never seen no one back down Ice, I’m super impressed! I can’t wait to tell everyone. The other girls just won’t believe it. I can’t believe it. You must be one mean son of a bitch. So you were in prison, for how long and for what?”
Mason cringed, this broad talked too much. Soon enough she would be forever silent. He put the car in gear and slowly pulled away from the curb. Ice was nowhere in sight. Big man…little balls.