Excerpt from “The Evil Within” 2nd Novel in ‘Poisoned Soul’ series

Mason is an evil killer. The reason he looked like hell in earlier excerpt is that he is terrified to sleep. He is haunted by childhood night terrors and adult nightmares. This is one of his dreams:

Mason fell asleep and started dreaming vividly about killing. His dream flashed from one victim to another.
He saw Bryson’s car in flames, he was running in slow motion trying to get away from the inferno, it was singeing his hair, burning his back…he could barely move his leaden feet.
As he was struggling Mason looked up right into the half-eaten face of Tiffany, she was standing blocking his way. She was mouthing words but no sound came out. Her dead accusing eyes with hate further burning him.
He was in the dank, dark, rank dumpster, his body covered with Elsa’s blood. She was sitting at an impossible angle, legs under and behind her. Her bodice was visible with crimson dripping out of the stab wounds. Her eyes…he couldn’t look at her eyes, yet he could not tear himself away. The blank lifeless orbs were boring into his eyes, he was trying to scream. Elsa was attempting to lift her head but the broken neck flopped from one side to the other, making a bone on bone grinding sound. Mason was going to lose his mind.
In his head he was saying “No…No…No”, but his throat was closed by the rag stuffed in his mouth. He thought he would faint, when Elsa started cackling a loud horrible noise that threatened to make his head explode! She started moving towards him by pulling her ruined body by her arms. He backed up as far as he could against the dumpster when it turned into the soft seat of the red rental car.
He thankfully laid his head on his arms propped by the steering wheel and took a deep breath. It smelled like rotting flesh. He was afraid to turn his head. Before he looked to see, what gruesome sight was in store…the nylon rope wrapped around his neck. It was so tight he could not catch his breath. Two cold, hard fingers slowly pulled his eyelids down and he was blind! He was twisting and gagging….when he woke up the blanket was bound, wrapped and tangled around his body. He tore it loose and actually cried. Cried for him.