Poisoned Soul


“Poisoned Soul”…a trilogy delving into the mind and actions of a killer with Dissociative Identity Disorder.

The first novel “Within These Walls” recognizes Mason Hudson as an adult, with a well learned taste for killing.  He suffers from fugues and night terrors, in which we learn about the cruelty of his childhood. When Mason’s rage towards women and the world build,  his alter ego… Hunter Cook, needs the sweet release of a gruesome kill.
Baffling a private investigator,  the police and the courts, we go into Mason’s trial which ends with an unexpected verdict.

The tale continues and escalates in book two, “The Evil Within”.
With established characters the tension heightens with more needless deaths. Hudson in the eyes of the law and press has now become a serial killer. The manhunt resumes in a web of intricate sub plots,  ending with an intense police standoff.

The third novel in the trilogy, “Without Remorse” is in the works. I only have the ending to wrap up.

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“Within These Walls”

Amazing crime/thriller- keeps you turning the pages!

Childhood abuse produces a mentally unstable killer. Surprising twists place you in the mind of the murderer. Private investigator Benjamin Walker struggles to unwind dark killing spree. Prosecutor Richard Ashcroft secretly wonders if he’s proven his case or even has the right man. Mason Hudson, the alleged perpetrator, impatiently awaits the verdict which will either mean death or walking free.

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About ‘Within These Walls’ :)

‘Witihin These Walls’ goes on sale the 21st. As much as I’d appreciate you buying it I’ve made a promise to post consecutive chapters. 🙂 however….I have no way of knowing if it’s being followed. As I don’t want to waste my time posting so many words on my BlackBerry please let me know if you’re reading it! If it’s being read… I will continue to post. Or just buy the book. Lol
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eBook release date May 21st 2014!

Chapter Nine – ‘Within These Walls’
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Peyton cringed during the rough ride in the ambulance to the hospital, her breathing was still labored and she was sore from being knocked down so hard.
When they arrived in the emergency room, the whole staff had heard sketchy details of what happened to Dr. Hudson.
She got immediate attention even though the ER was crowded. They rolled the gurney into exam room #1. The Dr. on duty was an acquaintance of hers; his name was Dr. Brian Hartley. He was an excellent ER Doc with over twenty years under his belt. Hi Peyton, may I call you that?”
“It is my name Brian,”she weakly laughed, “Oh, that hurt!”
“As you know, fractures of the ribs rarely show up on X-rays; however we need to look for any complications in your chest. We will treat you for fractured ribs even if they’re not. Start you on some Percocet so you can more easily breathe and cough.”
He examined her more by feel than anything else. He concluded that ribs one, two and three on her right side were injured. You are also aware that if it is three or more ribs, it’s considered a severe injury. After X-ray has its way with you we will fit you with a rib belt.”
“Is all of this completely necessary?”she inquired.
“It’s true that doctors make the worst patients you’re going to have to go along on this one with me on this one Peyton. I’m going to list the possible complications that are related to this type of injury. An X-ray will definitely rule out most of them but I want you to be aware.”
A nurse came in with a small paper cup,
“Take these Dr. Hudson, it’s Percocet for the pain and Ibuprofen for the swelling.”
Peyton obeyed, stung by his comment about Dr.s making the worse patients.
“Ok Brian let me have it.”
“First are injuries to blood vessels. Also the chance of a puncture to the aorta and lung. With the top three injured there’s the possibility. Not probable but possible.”
“Oh my God,”Peyton moaned, “I never realized what a serious affliction this is.”
This is all she needed right now…
When she finished talking to Dr. Hartley, she felt gloomier than ever. She wondered if Mac got her message. She also needed to call Skyler and let her and Cameron know what was going on.
“You what?You got mugged, mom? Are you ok? Who did this, did they catch him? Oh mom I’m so sorry! I’ll get Cameron and well come right over.”
“No hurry sweetheart, they’ll probably keep me overnight. I’ll ask Mac to stay with you two.”
The medication and the events of that evening made Peyton tired. She was going to take a small nap until Mackenzie arrived.


Hunter was sitting on his threadbare couch. He was on his third beer. Catching a slight buzz. He had the purse setting next to him just staring at it. This was just the beginning of an intricate plan. He detested Peyton Hudson and everything she stood for. Rich bitches in men’s jobs. She should be home raising her kids. That was what women were for.
Well…he’d let the anticipation build up long enough. He grabbed the expensive bag and sat it on his lap. He was going to relish this!
First, it smelled like pricy perfume. Nothing but the best for Dr. Hudson. Then he grabbed a smallish computer, it was a Kindle Touch. He could just imagine what kind of secrets were hidden in that.
It was a good thing he knew how to hack anything. He would reserve that for later.
The next thing he found was an old pack of Marlboro Light 100’s and a gold Zippo lighter. The good Doc was a closet smoker. He roared with laughter. This was getting good!
He reached further in thGucci bag(it read Gucci all over it) and came out with a solid gold hand mirror. No doubt from her filthy rich family. She had a brush, a comb and three 14K gold hair clips. He would like to strangle her with her precious hair!
That was all the big stuff. There were tons of little things like lipsticks, mascara, some kind of powdered concealer, pens and at the very bottom he found what would mortify her had she known he was touching it. A small compact vibrator. He again roared with delighted laughter.
This just kept getting better and better! It was a deep bag. Who knew what else he would find. There were zipper pockets and he opened one. A shooter of peppermint schnapps. She not only secreted cigarettes, she was a closet drinker too. This was getting rich. He was getting aroused with the little surprises she kept in her purse. She certainly never expected anyone to be going thru it.
After that it was anticlimactic…there was just junk. Business cards, candy wrappers, a toothpick, some spare change and a letter he had missed. He wasn’t going to read it right now. He’d already seen too much. Hunter grabbed another beer, downed the shot of schnapps and went to get something to eat. He was starving! He had major plans to make but he had a few days in which to do it. Couldn’t rush genius.


Peyton was awakened by Macs one of a kind voice. It was low, raspy, sexy and had that very slight Irish accent.
“If it wasn’t for bad luck you would have no luck at all pal,”she teased, “I know you’re tired and in pain but I want you to tell me everything. Don’t leave anything out, even if you don’t think it’s important.”
“I just saw him from behind. 5’10”, 185 lbs. , grey hooded sweatshirt like Cameron wore, jeans and white tennis shoes.”
“Did you hear his voice?”
“No he didn’t say anything…wait! -I did get a glimpse of his face as he turned to see if I would scream. I was so afraid I forgot. It all happened so fast. He was trying to figure out if he should run. When he saw the breath was knocked out of me he gave me kind of a creepy smile and just walked away.”
“We need to call the cops,”Mac insisted.
“We will a little later. Hey can I use your phone to call Skyler; I want to see if they’re on their way. It would do me a lot of good to see them right about now and could you please get me some 7-up…I’m thirsty even with this IV.”
“Sure you can and yes I will.” She dug for her phone, gave it to Peyton and then left the room.


Hunter was half way drunk by this time. A little celebration for a job well done. He heard a faint tune repeating itself; he realized it was Peyton’s cell phone. It read on the display that it was Mac. He thought he’d answer it just for shits and giggles. He disguised his voice as well as he could.

Peyton had dialed her own cell phone and it was ringing.
“This is Peyton Hudson. I believe you have my phone amongst other things.”
“Yah, so?”
“I’m willing to pay you to get them back.”
“How much?”He was just playing with her.
“As much as you want.”
“Listen bitch… I’ve found your little secrets. You’re not gettting your fucking purse back! Don’t call again I know where you live.”
Why did she just do that? He was hateful and creepy. She would never tell anyone what she had done.
Peyton was visually tremoring, when Mac walked back into the room with the promised 7-up.
“Peyton! You’re ashen what just happened?”
“Nothing I think I’m having a panic attack.”
Mac ran out of the room to find Brian. She found Dr. Hartley on the floor. Mac grabbed him and said,
“Come quickly there is something wrong with Peyton!”
Brian Hartley hurried in and looked at Peyton.
“Have you had these attacks before?”
“No Dr., I think it’s just all of the stress I’ve been under and now being attacked.”
“I’ll prescribe you some Atavan that will help with your anxiety. I’ll have the nurse bring you in one now, you look positively shaken.”
They administered her anxiety pill, it took about a half an hour but she did calm down.
What had possessed her to do that, now he did know where she lived. Her ID and credit cards…everything was lost.
Peyton was terrified. She didn’t think this was over; actually, she felt something bad had just begun.


Hunter was rolling with laughter. He knew he scared the bee Jesus out of her. That was what the dumb bitch got for having the nerve to call him and offer him money. Money…Dr. Hudson’s cure all.
Well she had a couple of surprises coming her way. He chuckled.
Hunter had a lot of thinking to do. With that Kindle Touch and his hacking abilities, she was definitely in for an ambush. He could hack her bank accounts, credit cards, rich friends, the list went on. Just took some ingenuity and brains which he was proud to say he had both.